Fishin The Port With Greg.
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Fishin The Port With Greg.
« on: December 02, 2013, 04:38:45 PM »
Yesterday I had the opportunity to hit the Port River for a bream session with Greg Wirth, someone I consider one of the best Bream fisherman in SA (We have a few  ;)).

We met at the boat ramp at 6 am to an overcast start to the day with a few showers about (even saw lightening in the distance) we headed up river to give the Austackle Project B Banana Boat lures a try.

Conditions weren't suited for the Banana Boats so after about 20 mins we opted for deep water, so I went straight for the Austackle Sugar Glider.

The Sugar Glider (SG) is a vibe style/stick minnow. Best is to cast them out, let them sink to the bottom and then with a quick wrist flick get the SG to vibrate up of the bottom and then flutter back down. The 'vibe' from the SG is much more subtle than a normal vibe or blade making it a good lure for spooky fish.

If fishing in deep water, let them sink to the bottom, a quick wrist flick or 2 to get it to vibe up off the bottom, then wind up the slack and continue this to work the SG through the water column until you get a hit.

We fished many spots on the river, managed to get 1 bream on the SG in Black Chevron and dropped 2 good one's, bit over zealous & pulled the hooks

Got a few Salmon Trout and I'm not sure what it is  ??? the little brown & white fish....

Gear of choice for today, Austackle Featherlight 2-5kg rod, Cruz 2500 reel, Project B 10lb braid, Project B 6lb fluro leader and Sugar Glider in Black Chevron

Thank you to my host for the day, Greg, a gentleman and all round good guy   ;D

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Re: Fishin The Port With Greg.
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2014, 08:30:05 AM »
Good stuff Errol.


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