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My favourite Lure
« on: March 09, 2013, 06:45:50 PM »
It happens to us all from time to time we come across a lure which becomes our favourite. Why? Usually it’s because we catch fish when we use it.(isn’t that why we use them?)  In my case its more than that, the Diztek CNK40d #005 give me confidence from the minute I tie it on my leader.

I am relatively new to fishing for bream let a loan fishing in bream tournaments.  The Diztek CNK40d #005  has been designed and painted by one of Australian’s best bream champions. As the name states CNK40d  body is 40ml long an ideal size not to small and not too big. This lure cast really well in the wind not like some of the smaller lures on the market today. The colour #005 is in between colour yellow with a red dot. Great for dark, murky and clear waters.

How Deep? This is the secret you can use it in a foot of water if you want or even down  too 2.2mtrs. The trick in using it in the shallow water is to slow your retrieve down and let it gentle glide over the bottom and weeds. When using it in the deeper water just crank it hard first up then slow it down once it hits the bottom. (A tip from one of the best)

Anyway that is why the Diztek CNK40d #005 is my favourite lure and by the way I have had some great success in comps as well with this lure winning Biggest Bream in the GTS Woy Woy comp in Feb 2013, 1.2kg bream plus first place overall, 7th place at GTS Nelsons Bay comp in March 2013 plus the Mark Proud got biggest bream at that comp on the Diztek CNK40d #005 with a 1.14kg
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Re: My favourite Lure
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2013, 09:14:07 PM »
as rod has said, the new range of diztek CNK40D's are taking our fishing to another level. Great lures to work at the depth you need for the water you are fishing. Fished slowly once at the depth you want, these lures are dynamite on bream, as proven in the past two gamakatsu tournaments, big bream in both with the same lure and same colour, number 005.
Fishing with the diztek range since they hit the market, mainly using the fb35 range and bay busters, the bream starting coming and as rod said the confidence levels rose when we had one tied on. The fb35 in colour number 17 is my go to lure when fishing my local area, dynamite when slowly rolled. The slower the better, in fact that slow u cant feel the lure. But at this really slow speed, the lure is still working and 90% of my catches on this lure is when i slow it down that far.
This new range of lures is going to take us to the next level. It already has, with our team placing 6th and taking big bream at the nelson bay gamakatsu and rods diztek team placing 1st at woy woy and 7th at nelson bay.
So if you dont have a diztek in your range your missing out.
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