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Back with a bit of a blast
« on: October 27, 2013, 10:33:00 PM »
I had a disastrous start to a planned fish yesterday with the boat being put in the water, the car put away & the motor not giving me anything that suggested it might start! A quick examination had me fuming as I realised that the kids had been inside the boat & playing. The result, a missing safety lanyard!! In disgust I packed up & headed home. I’m not sure which was worse the fact that I didn’t get out in what proved to be a glorious day or the fact that it took me over two hours & three visits to find a replacement!

Perhaps in sympathy, I was granted a reprieve and an extended leave pass by the wife. I was accompanied by Capt. Barnacles today and to say I was looking forward to proceedings would be an understatement.

Again things got off to a poor start with no life from the electric. This was quickly diagnosed as a bad connection at the Anderson plug resulting in a backyarders fix of the problem & we were soon away.
Capt B was first on the board with a stunning 40cm bream that put a smile on both his & my face. This fish was a milestone for him, being his 40th 40+cm bream. The fish fell to a shallow diving Zipbaits Orbit Slider and came from a “nothing cast” as he described it. Things looked promising, but alas they soon went quiet and we decided on a change of tact. As the tide was still well up, we decided to work the banks in a parallel manner instead of casting at them. This proved to be a fruitful decision with hook ups coming at a furious pace. It was champagne fishing with one exception. We were having trouble staying connected! Time after time the hooks would go in, the drag would wail in protest & then it would all be over.

No sooner had we thought we had cracked the code, than things went decidedly quiet and although we weren’t seeing many fish before we were seeing even less now, read none! Then as if a switch had been flicked we again began to find fish. Capt B was again first on the board with a solid 38cm bream. Whilst he was busy unhooking his fish, I let fly with a long cast to a usually productive snag. The Khamsin dropped a long way short of the mark I felt, but a few rips followed by a long pause soon saw the T-Spec folded nicely and the Daiwa Heartland wailing! So powerful were its runs against a solid drag, that I thought it was a schoolie. Barnacles had by now caught a glimpse of the fish & debunked that thought. The fish fought hard and continued to draw line from a tight drag. Finally I too caught a glimpse of the fish and the lure. I prayed that things would hold long enough for a net shot. Capt B made no mistake and we both called it as a 40 early in the piece. Capt B proclaiming it was better than his. The measure depicted a different story however with both fish close to the 41cm mark.

Releasing our catch of 4 fish between 36 & 40cm we moved on to work over some more water. Nearing the entrance of this waterway, we began to realise that time was not on our side and that we were not far from being landlocked until the next tide. Neither of  us was too keen to spend 6 or more hours in there was it was off with the shorts & daks & into the water to get us over the shallow parts. Thank God its late spring & not Winter!!

Again we were surprised by the apparent lack of fish in the next system. Usually productive snags seemed devoid of fish, but Capt B still managed to find a few adding another 5 to the well before we decided that we had both had enough.

Its interesting that for two consecutive years now, there seems to be a burst of activity over a short period of time in early Spring, only to see that activity dissipate as Spring continues on. I only hope that as the ambient continues to climb along with the water temp, that the fishes aggression does also.

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Re: Back with a bit of a blast
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2014, 07:43:34 PM »
a few cracking bream  top report as well