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Manning River Madness Bream Fishing
« on: January 03, 2016, 08:33:40 PM »
We hit the water at 5am but the bream didn't want to bite until the sun started to show it's head through the cloud cover, changing location around the mud flats we thought we were on to a good start. Landing a few legal’s it soon went quiet after the first hour & a half it was time to make the run down river to deeper water for the over hanging trees.

Using the Insekta on surface in the shade, we picked up a few bream before it was time to pull up the electric again & move on to the next location in the Manning River we decided to stop at a location that had a sandy muddy drop off using a combination of the Austackle  sakana ,ranger’s & chugga’s we landed our next lot of bream. 

By mid morning we pulled the pin as it looked like a big storm rolling in & didn’t want to risk being caught in the storm as the manning river was packed with boats & being stuck at the ramp waiting  so we called it a day with a good bag of Bream between us we were happy.
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