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The new Aggrest is Daiwa’s most feature packed reel ever developed in the price range, its features, durability and ultra smooth performance is second to none. Not only does it feature many of Daiwa’s innovations like Airbail, Twistbuster II, Silent Oscillation and Infinite anti-reverse, but this feature packed reel employs our best designs ever – ABS and Digigear.The ABS spool has a maximized core diameter and reversed taper meaning there is 100% useable line, no “dead” line buried deep in the spool, so you can fill it with line right up to the edge of the spool lip without fear of tangles. The spool core’s rearward taper helps prevent tangles caused by excessive loops of loosely wound or stiff line falling forward from the spool on the cast. This huge spool diameter lets line flow freely in larger coils and produces less line memory coil. The result is less casting friction for longer, easier casting.With this the spool core diameter is wider allowing for huge drag washers with up to twice the surface area of ordinary “Long Cast” reels. The fast starting drag maintains smooth consistency through long runs without excess heat buildup. And because there’s little change in diameter of the spooled line as it feeds out, the drag stays more consistent. And when you do hook up, you can count on the super drag to deliver smooth even pressure to protect the lightest of lines.For ultra smooth cranking power Aggrest uses Daiwa’s Digigear system, this gear design ensures a perfect mesh between ultra-tough, surface treated alloy drive gear and marine bronze pinion gear for optimized speed, power and durability.If you want a high performance reel without high performance prices, then the new Aggrest is the reel for you.


    Lightweight composite body
    Digigear II
    Twistbuster II
    Silent Oscillation
    Machined aluminum handle

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