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Techniques on how to use the Vexa Vibe  when targeting (Southern Black Bream Butcheri) (Yellowfin Bream Acanthopagrus)  

To get the very best out of Vexa Vibr you should tend to hop or jig the lure with very short, but sharp, jerks of the rod at about four second intervals, even the slow retrieve of the Vexa Vib with it’s wobble vibration action can be just as effective as each other & make bream strike .

In some cases a lot of bream will eat the lure on the way down or  it’s first lift off the bottom depending on the bream, if they are shut down it may require a more aggressive, even violent working of the rod to get those cranky bream to attack.

Sometimes a very subtle finesses may be required to get the best out of these lures like gently jigging or ‘tea-bagging’ right next to a bream and tease the crap out of them. This works extremely well directly below your boat in deeper water a high percentage of hook-ups happen very close to the end of the retrieve.

Bream seem to panic and have a last lash attack at the Vibr before it disappears to the surface. For finicky bream you can always try long pauses bream will eat a stationary Vexa Vib having watched  for a longer period of time.

Working the Vexa Vib around the shallows sand, mud flats in a metre of water or less can be more effective as deep water luring to hook big bream while there out scouting for bait fish, mussel , etc, etc to eat.

•  Instant vibration with minimal rod movement
•  Loud, low frequency sonic vibration triggers a reaction, even from inactive fish
•  UV paint features on every lure
•  Lumo eyes on selected lures
•  Fitted with Mustard hooks
•  Weight 5g | 7g | 13g

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